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Dear Parents and Carers

I am delighted to be able to inform you that Ofsted have judged that Longfields Primary School remains graded a ‘GOOD’ school.

Although our inspection came at the end of a long term, we are extremely proud and happy that our Ofsted inspector was able to see our school exactly how it is, a GOOD school.  She made comment that all school leaders knew what the school did well, that we were aspirational for all pupils and that we had purposeful direction for further improvement.

I wanted to thank you all personally for the part you also played in the inspection.  In my 22 years in education, I have never seen such a positive response to an Ofsted survey, both in terms of numbers taking part and in positive and supportive comments.

  • 100% of you say that your child feels safe
  • 99% of you would recommend Longfields to others
  • 98% of you say your child does well at Longfields.
  • 98% say your child is happy at school


It was not only the responses to main questions that were positive but so many of you took the time to write something in the comments box.  These comments were so positive and went alongside the comments that many of you made in person to our inspector.  This really does represent the strength of our school community.    Thank You

In the final feedback meeting for school leaders and governors there is so much more detail given than in the final report.  Some of the main points are summarised below:


  • On reporting your comments about the school, in addition to the survey information our inspector said that there had been a recurring theme. She commented that many of you had said that your children have ‘blossomed’ at Longfields Primary School.


  • Pupils behave well. They are polite and well mannered.  They play and learn in a calm and orderly environment.


  • Quality of education within Longfields Primary school is good. Leaders have planned a curriculum, which is ambitious for all children and covers a wide range with a logical progress of knowledge.

 Teacher’s knowledge of the curriculum was secure and planning showed clear progression and challenge. Class teachers continually assessed in the classroom and were able to adapt learning as and when necessary.


  • Early Reading and phonics is a strength, with children reading regularly with well-matched books. Reading is supported by knowledgeable staff throughout the school.


  • Maths is well organised with clear and progressive content. Careful consideration is given to teaching including bespoke activities for some children.



In terms of our improvement point, this was not a surprise.  We were pleased that all ‘core’ subjects were highlighted as good throughout the school.  During the Pandemic, we have had to make difficult decisions that prioritise some curriculum areas over others.  We have managed to keep the school open at all times and this has meant redeploying staff from different areas of school in order to do that.  During this time, in KS2 our teaching of Religious Education and French was not as consistent as we would have liked, and these are the Foundation subjects referred to in the report.  Although we are now teaching a full timetable again, at the time of the inspection the evidence in pupils books highlighted the choices we made.  Our inspector completely understood the decisions made and was pleased that we were aware of the improvement point already and that we were already implementing the changes.


Core Subjects:                                




Foundation Subjects:

Art and Design and Technology

History and Geography


Physical Education


Religious Education





All of us at Longfields Primary School are extremely proud of the work we do and will continue to strive to provide the best possible start to our children’s education journey.  I would personally like to thank staff, governors, children and parents for making Longfields an amazing caring community and one that always puts our children first.


Our official report is now available to view below and will be uploaded to the Ofsted official site in around 7 working days


Thank you all again for your continued support and commitment to our children’s education.


Kind Regards



Mr Hollidge


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