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As a school leadership we are looking at re-establishing our core values to form part of our school vision moving forwards.

We have been looking at a range of values over the past years but feel that we want to narrow our focus and make our values more meaningful.

With that in mind the teaching staff have been doing lessons on values asking the children which ones are important.

We have consulted the whole staff as part of our consultations and you can see the results below.

We would also like to know your key values and it would be great if you can follow the link below and put your top 5 - these suggestions are really to help us to shape our vision for the school moving forwards.


You can contribute up to 5 ideas for the school values by following this link.




The website we are using to host the question will give you the chance to enter your email address to get a copy of the results, but we will also be sharing the finished word cloud when the survey is complete.

Thanks in anticipation for your contribution

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