Baby Jack and Sophie the Tyrannosaurus

In our special assembly this morning, The children were very excited to meet Darren and Ben, who taught us a lot about dinosaurs. We focussed on the Tyrannosaurus, and saw a fossilised T rex egg. 

We then Met Baby Jack - a six month old Tyrannosaurus

After looking at a dinosaur footprint, we were then visited by Sophie, a seven year old tyrannosaurus, who was looking to join Year Two.

We all really enjoyed meeting Sophie and Baby Jack and took that excitement into our other activities today.

We have followed instructions to make a dinosaur fossil from a salt dough which we mixed ourselves. When they are dry, we will take them home to remember our day. 

We also did some palaeontology of our own with Darren and Ben. They brought sand trays for us to pracitce digging up some fossils of our own and then thinking about what part of a dinosaur we have found. We also looked at different types of dinosaur to decide which ones our fossils had come from. 

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